Feel free to message me on Facebook or email me with pictures of what you plan to wear, or with any questions or concerns preparing for your session. I want to make this process as easy as possible for you.  I'm here to help!


The day of your session:

Please eat and hydrate well the day of the session, especially if this is your maternity session. Children (and adults too!) usually look, feel, and behave their best when they are rested and well fed.  I know getting everyone ready for portraits can be stressful, but children can pick up on your stress.  Tell your children we are going to play and have fun!  The more positive attitude you have, the easier the session will be, and I do try to make your session fun!  Give yourself plenty of time to get to the location, especially if it is somewhere you are not familiar with.  Please plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early, so we will be able to start on time.  


If your child misbehaves:

I have been photographing families for over 6 years and I have two boys of my own, I have seen it all!  So please do not be embarrassed if you child is a little naughty at the session.  I can usually handle it!  I prefer that you do not spank or scold your child during the session unless its a safety issue.  I would prefer to redirect children who are being disrespectful during the session.  I will direct your family in a way that captures your true personalities and relationships.  We will try for that picture perfect pose (and I almost always get that), but if your child is more of a free spirit, let's capture that too! 

Please feed your child before the session and not during it.  I feel like once food is offered, especially to toddlers, the session is over. 

What to wear:

Keep it simple, classic, and comfortable! If you feel good, you will look more confident and comfortable in your portraits.  Start with a favorite outfit or color palette of 2-3 complementary colors and build your outfits from there.  Let everyone have their own look. You do not have to match each other perfectly! A variety of textures, and a mix of solids and patterns look great! Feel free to send me any outfit ideas for my input.  To get you started, I made a Pinterest board HERE with some outfit ideas that I think look great!

Some more quick tips:

Women - avoid low cut and sleeveless tops

Men - Pants look better than shorts!  Check your pockets before the session, we don't want any bulges 

Children- Let them be comfortable and don't dress them in anything too complicated.

Make sure everyone's clothing fits well.  Avoid sneakers,  very bright colors, and really busy patterns.