Bonnie Iris Photography | Lifestyle Newborn Session Guide

Your Lifestyle Newborn Session

Your newborn session is best when baby is 6-10 days old so please contact me as soon as you can after baby is born to schedule your session!  I usually shoot newborns on weekdays at 10am and your session will last around 3-4 hours.  


Here are some tips to prepare for your session:

1.  Don't stress!  We will get beautiful pictures of your baby and family.  I have worked in all types of situations, and I will make beautiful images no matter the decor, light, or cleanliness of your house.  

2. That said, declutter a little.  Make the beds and clear off surfaces such as your night-tables and dressers. I prefer white, solid, and or neutral bedding if you have it.  I will, most likely, be shooting in your master bedroom and the nursery.  

3. Wear something simple.  Simple white or cream, comfortable, well fitting clothing works best. Another option would be a black tee or nursing tank with black pants or jeans.  Try not to dress yourselves or siblings in anything too fussy that would need a lot of adjusting.  Simple comfortable clothing is best! Have a clean change of clothes on hand in case baby spits up on your clothing.  

4.  Baby can be dressed in a white onesie or a favorite swaddle blanket.  I will bring some swaddle blankets too.

5. On the day of your session, open all the blinds in your home and the thermostat to about 78-80 degrees.  It will be warm for us, but baby will be more comfortable and sleep better.  I prefer sleepy babies for their newborn session.  When newborns are awake they can be fussy and usually just want to eat.  So try to keep them awake for a little while before your session time, so they will sleep better while I am there.  Give them a good long feed and a good burp right before I am scheduled to arrive.  

Feel free to message me anytime if you need help preparing for your session or if you have any questions! You can reach me at or message me on my facebook page.