Your Newborn Session

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Preparing For Your Session

Please contact me as soon as you can after the baby is born so I can schedule your session.  I like to shoot newborns between age 6-12 days if possible, but we can go a little outside those days if needed. Let me know if you are having a little boy that will be circumcised.  I would like to wait at least a week after that procedure.  

My average full session lasts about 4 hours. and the simple session lasts 1-2 hours.  We take lots of breaks if needed for soothing and feeding the baby.  Feel free to relax while you are here, I have a private room where you can feed your baby and a fridge that I try to keep stocked with refreshments.

If you are breastfeeding try not to eat any spicy food the day before or day of your session.

I generally photograph newborns naked or swaddled. I have a variety of wraps, little pants and rompers that are made for newborn portraits.  Regular newborn clothing does not fit newborns well or photograph well on them. If you prefer no naked shots of baby please let me know in advanced.

I have everything we need for the session at my studio, but if you scheduled a full session and have anything special you would like to use please don't hesitate to let me know!  Please let me know ahead of time (on your contract there is a space for this) if you will be bringing any outfits, items, or props to use at the session, or if you would like any special set ups, so I can make sure I am prepared.. (For simple sessions this is not an option, but if I have room on my calendar you can decide to upgrade to a full session, just let me know in advanced.)


The Day of your Session

Try to keep the baby awake in the morning before your session.  A lot of the cute squishy poses we love require the baby to be in a deep sleep.  So before you come for the session you can give baby a bath, talk to him, etc.

If you live close to the studio (or if you live farther but are bringing a young sibling to the studio) please feed your baby right before you leave home to come for your session.  Make sure baby gets a full feed and a burp if needed.  

If you live 30 minutes or longer from the studio, you can give the baby a full feeding before you leave home for the studio, and then feed the baby again when you arrive.  Or you could come a little early and feed the baby while I am setting up for your session.  I should be at the studio at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

Please dress your baby in loose fitting, easy to remove clothing so we can undress the baby without waking him.

Don't be surprised or embarrassed if your baby poops or pees on my blankets, on me, or on you. I don't mind at all.  Have a change of clothes for yourself on hand.

Some parents don't feel up to getting in the portraits with their baby, but I highly recommend it. These are the images you and your child might cherish the most later on.

For family portraits, I recommend soft, simple, neutral clothing. The less fussy the clothing, the better.  Moms look best in soft, light, neutral colors.  Choose what mom will wear, then try to coordinate that with Dad and siblings.  Snug, well fitting, solid color clothing looks best.  Solid color tee shirts or polo shirts with Jeans or Khakis are great for dad and brothers.  Solid color tops or tanks with jeans OR skirts/sundresses are great for mom and sisters.  If possible trim nails (both mom and dad!) and use a natural or light colored nail polish.  I might be taking pictures with you hands cuddling your sweet baby, and bright long nails can be a distraction from your baby's sweet face. Also mom can wear just a simple tank top or dad can be shirtless for beautiful skin on skin portraits.  Make sure the clothing for your portraits is clean and pressed.  Even brand new clothing can be creased so iron or steam it in the dryer before the session to soften it and release wrinkles.

If you schedule a full session and will have siblings come in for the session -

Please have extra help available to care for older siblings.  I am very patient with older siblings as I know they are going through a big change right now! Sometimes it can take awhile to get them to cooperate for their portraits, and this is perfectly normal and ok!  If there are siblings coming in for the session then I do the sibling/family shots first, so siblings can leave the studio as soon as we are done with their portraits.

Check list of what to bring with you:

  • Baby's pacifier and hairbrush 
  • Extra formula if baby is not breastfeeding (bring more than you think you might need)
  • Well fitting, soft, light colored change of clothing for family portraits (follow tips above)

Relax and enjoy these moments with your new baby.  Try not to stress about how baby is doing or if he won't sleep right away.  I am very patient and I allow plenty of time for your newborn session.  I will get beautiful images that you will love!